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Psychometric Assessments

Services include the following:

Employers need to accurately assess both present and future employees – their personalities, capabilities and competencies. In doing so, one needs to select appropriate assessment techniques which must be conducted by fair, valid, reliable and insightful. These assessments need to be done by qualified psychologists and psychometrists. Psychometric testing manages risk by ensuring that you don’t employ people who are not a fit to the role, the career, or your organizational values. Doing assessments before employment is the smart move.

Using valid and reliable psychometric assessments as well as competency-based assessments we assist employees in planning their career paths effectively by identifying skills and competency shortfalls so that they can prepare themselves for promotional opportunities within their organisations.

Our multi-method assessment approach for selection includes bespoke competency-based exercises, psychometric assessments and testing, competency-based interviews and reference checking.

As a single measure integrity tests are one of the most predictive indicators of counter-productive work behaviours and on-the-job performance.
In a recruitment setting they may answer the questions:

  • “Is the individual going to be counter-productive?”
  • “Is the individual going to turn up to work?”
  • “Is the individual going to be trouble or not?”
  • “How trustworthy Is the individual ?”
  • “How good Is the individual at following the rules?

Integrity tests have also been shown to be good at predicting safety behaviours and safety outcomes.

  1. Our Assessments is a company’s first line of defence.
  2. Integrity is an integral part of any successful business because its upfront practice inspires trust, dignity, respect and ultimately, prosperity.
  3. Integrity Assessments/Risk Analysis is a proactive way of combating crime, fraud or any dysfunctional behaviour in any company.
  4. The screening of existing and prospective employees by means of an integrity assessment is crucial and no company can afford not to implement it.
  5. We measure and compile an effective integrity profile of the employee and in this respect, contributes to the financial welfare of a company. It also allows companies to join actively in the fight against fraud, since the message that goes out to the defrauder is that dishonesty will not be tolerated in any circumstance.