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Why do people come for therapy? 2018-03-06T12:37:59+02:00

Modern day life can bring with it many challenges. These challenges could include feeling lonely, depressed or anxious, misunderstood and overwhelmed by stress. And when these feelings interfere with our lives, we might find ourselves in need of support, assistance and guidance.

Although, it is often difficult for people to take the first step into the therapeutic space, entering therapy can have lasting, positive effects on your life. I do not have a one shoe fits all approach and by integrating various theoretical approaches in psychology, my style of therapy is flexible and tailored to the unique needs of each client. I do my best to make therapy a place that is comfortable, private and safe.

What are the costs? 2019-05-03T13:22:21+02:00
  • Our rates are in line with current medical aid rates (which differ from medical aid to medical aid) and we do claim directly from your medical aid. We do not have a more expensive first consultation fee as all administrative costs are included in our price.
  • If you decide to pay cash upfront for at least four sessions, a discount of 15% applies. Our practice manager can give more information in this regard.
  • You may also pay cash and we have a card machine on the premises or you can pay via EFT.
  • Our fees are inclusive of VAT.
Can I receive services in Afrikaans? 2017-01-25T21:42:15+02:00

Ek is ten volle tweetalig en lewer dienste in Afrikaans en Engels.

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